International Debt Collection

Triffor is successful in International Debt Collecting. We have debt collectors in every important Country. We can visit your client to collect your debt. WorldWide offices and agents. Quick, serious, multilingual and NO-CURE NO PAY! One of the reasons Triffor is successful, we get paid when we collect your debt. No-Nonsense, just collecting your debt.


We can collect your claim anywhere in the world.

You have been in court and you got a verdict.
You have to go to court to get a verdict for your claim, we can assist you arrange a deal.
Or you have something with an insurance company, just tell us!
We can collect!


 In some circumstances through debt recovery commencement of legal action may be an option to recover your outstanding accounts. Legal action is a legal demand of money and our collectors will guide, advise and issue each step to ensure you the best recovery.

Triffor employs a panel of solicitors in every office of Triffor, who will act on your behalf. Our promise and aim to you is to keep you updated and discuss your files on an individual basis. More importantly, you will authorise each action with our operators.


Sell ​​your invoices/claim/debt to Triffor

Triffor buys your invoices for cash! We have investors in the company, they invest in debt. At the moment we can buy your claim/debt from $ 10,000.- up to $ 10.000.000,- in cash. We are still expanding,  investors can invest from $ 100,000.- and up. Investors can make good profit with investment in debt/claims. Interested in investing? fill in the contactform

 Sell ​​your claim = Directly receive money

It may happen that you as an entrepreneur or a private one or more upstanding receivables, invoices or has a claim and that you need immediate cash to meet your own obligations. It may also be that you have no money to make expensive long-term procedures and no more stress will. In that case, you might consider selling your progress Triffor. We purchase your claim like to give you instant cash at your disposal. We will make you a non-binding offer for your claim / claim / billing or accounts receivable. It claims to offer the works simply by mailing to your claim fill in the form

How does selling a claim / invoice / debt operates?

If you have a (not barred) exposure ie shelf invoice, you can this claim / invoice / debt sell to us. You provide us with all relevant data of the application to sell / claim / invoices/debt. We’ll then give you an appropriate offer to the claim / invoices/ debt to buy from you. The bid amount always will be significantly lower than the original invoice amount. This is due to the great risk that we run and the costs that we have to make to be able to collect the receivable and we want to make money of course. Do you agree with the amount bid, you will receive a deed of assignment to transfer the claim finally. After this you will receive the agreed amount on your bill and the bill is finally sold.

To make an offer we need: Your information or that of your company The original invoice / claim /debt or judgment Your Conditions (if any) Data and information on your debtor Information (if any) already implemented procedures.